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As a leading global distributor, STACK offers a wide array of capabilities designed to provide a seamless level of service and information flow, no matter what time of day or which corner of the earth is being accessed. We are able to do this as a result of:

Seven physical locations and nine additional sub-sites fully registered, strategically placed within the markets accounting for virtually all of the supply and demand of products from our industry. STACK site managers average 20 years of employment with the company and 30+ years industry experience. In view of our market coverage, STACK can provide exceptional real time support with immediate delivery of products and services, regardless of the circumstances or geographic location.

Powerful financial strength as evidenced by our 5A1 Dun and Bradstreet rating and large credit facilities within the global banking network. This ensures STACK has the financial wherewithal and resources to support any product requirement, for any size company, whether it be a prototype need or full support of large production volumes.

Full ISO 9001:2015 certification and upcoming AS9120 certification so our customers can have total confidence that all the products STACK supplies have undergone stringent quality control, will be provided with an applicable Certificate of Compliance and full quality guarantee. This ensures  all the products Stack supplies will meet, or exceed, all manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, all products have full traceability.

Value added services such as product testing and screening, tape and reeling, re-packaging, kitting, comprehensive data sheet library, second source and alternate manufacturer search services.

Supply chain management services, including unmatched component shortage sourcing/mitigation capability, cost down/PPV programs for high usage items and a competitively priced source of supply for a wide variety of procurement programs. Our excess inventory solutions work as a conduit to industry product demand providing a global “customer base” for excess inventory. We invite you to inquire further as to how STACK can be of service. No matter how long the list of capabilities, the most important capability relates to STACK’S commitment to provide solutions, backed by the STACK team, a group of individuals we feel are the finest in the industry.

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Our Team

Over the 40 years Stack has been established, we have worked hard to be physically located  in the most strategic global markets and to staff these sites with the finest people within the industry.

This gives Stack a local link to the world’s component manufacturers and customers. As a result, all of our sites are staffed with proven, industry savvy managers who have been with the company a minimum of 20 years and in the industry for a minimum of 30 years. Most managers have backgrounds that include experience in manufacturing with major OEM’s/CM’s so they know the challenges a supply chain faces firsthand. Our sourcing teams bring similar industry experience and with that, have developed strong working relationships with the industry’s leading component manufacturers and their respective distribution channels. 

Our sales teams are fluent in 30 languages so no matter where our customers are located, what time of day it is, there is a sales professional assigned to your account who can provide immediate support. All our locations are linked realtime so if you are in Guadalajara and need information on a shipment from our Hong Kong fulfillment center, the information is available instantly. Our global teams are tasked with supporting every customer as a “key” customer to insure the highest level of service to you.