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Inventory management

Effective & Efficient Systems for Maximum Return

With technology ever changing and product life cycles getting shorter and shorter coupled with ongoing component forecasting challenges, it is inevitable that even the best managed supply chains will encounter excess materials at some point. Stack is an industry leader partnering with our customers in developing programs to address this issue, mitigate the impact and insure the highest asset recovery is a reality. Once identified, these items will then be strategically marketed worldwide to provide the maximum return to you. Since STACK has thousands of customers, many of them producing end products similar to one another, your excess materials will be strategically and discretely targeted to those customers who have been previously identified as likely users of the same materials. This translates into an extremely effective and efficient system for matching our customers with your excess inventory, with the maximizing of your return on these items the result.

Man tracking components on tablet
Man tracking components on tablet
Parts & Products

How Stack Separates from the Pack

Customer interaction in mitigating the unpredictable effects of the global semiconductor (and related products) market dynamics with outstanding product sourcing capability. Through these efforts, Stack has saved our customers billions in keeping production lines producing rather than the expense of lines down and the idling of workforces. We are able to do this with a well experienced, well connected global sourcing team.

Since Stack has been established longer than virtually every other independent distributor, we have developed a highly effective and exclusive group of major global component manufacturer’s network we source from. Through this network,  we have preferential access to a wide variety of products, many of which have been highly allocated.. This includes active and passive components of all types and especially, semiconductors and IC’s.

Value Added Services

Since the electronic distribution industry has evolved into far more than just supplying products, STACK ELECTRONICS offers and provides a wide variety of value added services, many as a result of partnering with a company in STACK that offers the benefits of global reach and the direct knowledge of specific markets our global footprint can offer. Among our capabilities are:

• Kitting
• Scheduled Orders
• JIT Programs
• MRP Solutions
• Component Reference
• Cross Reference Services
• Engineering Support
• Market Analysis
• Market Intelligence
• Supply/Demand Trending
• Strategic Materials Programs
• PPV Management
• Excess Material Management
• Consignment
• Warehousing
• Tape and Reeling
• Testing Services
• RoHS/ Lead Free Testing
• Bar Coding
• Logistical Support Services

In addition, we will work directly with your Supply Chain teams to develop value added programs that are geared specifically to your company’s needs, whether they are in Asia, the Americas, Europe or, virtually anywhere. Contact your account executive for details or to arrange a meeting with our value added specialists.