Four Decades Of Excellence

Stack has reached a major milestone in our history as we enter into our 40th year in business. Established in 1983 in a rented 80 square foot office in the back of an antique store, Stack has grown into a global power as an independent distributor under the leadership of Steve Patsis and a group of talented professionals intent on providing key supply chain support to the world’s leading OEM, CM and Tier 1 customers. As the first US based independent distributor legally established in China, Stack was a groundbreaking force in vetting this important market and establishing key protocols insuring products sourced from this region were of the highest quality. Stack was also one of the first independent distributors to establish physical global sites and to recognize the need for strict quality controls by gaining certification to ISO in the 1980’s. These foundational actions, and others, have put Stack in a strong position over our 40 years and will continue to serve us well in the coming years ahead.