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STACK India Provides Key Support

   Since the launch of STACK India in 2006, there has been almost unanimous feedback from the Indian market indicating STACK has filled a wide void by providing global access to this market to satisfy customer component needs which were previously not met. Another important point most often raised is that the speed of market information and response to customer requirements has been greatly improved by STACK due to STACK's 24 hour a day operations through their 8 worldwide facilities. Many companies had cited a big problem, prior to STACK, in getting the information they required in a timely manner, due to the lack of global distribution covering this market. Currently, STACK is expanding its Indian operations in response to customer requests.

STACK Mexico Expands

   Due to increases in market share and additional key inclusions into customer Preferred Supplier Programs, STACK Mexico is expanding operations with the addition of a number of Sales, Product Management and Administrative employees. Since being established in 2005, STACK Mexico has enjoyed steady gains in the Mexican and Latin American markets. STACK recently moved to larger facilities to accommodate the expansion.

STACK Romania Begins Operations

   As a result of growing component demand in Eastern Europe, coupled with customer/supplier request, Stack has established a second European site to more directly service this market. Stack Romania was operational and fully integrated effective October, 2010 and will complement and augment the Stack France site. This expansion is in line with the Stack philosophy which provides customers access to the Stack global footprint while maintaining direct support on a local basis.